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How to Create Graphs and Figures in LaTex Documents.

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    I am learning LaTex and I was wondering if there's a way to create graphs and figures with it. Even if it's not as simple as just typing graph sin(x) somewhere.

    I've been reading online about it and I think you actually can't, but then again I see documents like these (http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/mathemat...ble-calculus-fall-2006/lecture-notes/lec1.pdf) all the time and I wonder how are the figures integrated with the document. Assuming that document was created with LaTex, otherwise what was it created with?

    I know for a fact you can actually import images into documents, but that is too definitive. I want something that I can change later with ease. I am not looking for complex 3D graphs like the ones you would get with MATLAB or mathematica. Just simple figures like the ones in the example above.
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    Just because the document was created with LaTeX (and it almost certainly was; it has that look and feel) does not mean the graphics were created with LaTeX/TeX.

    Graphics is not LaTeX strong suit, even with pstricks. Incorporating graphics developed elsewhere is something LaTeX does quite nicely. So create your graphics elsewhere. I tend to create my graphics with gnuplot or Matlab. Easy to modify, easy to understand, very easy to automate with a makefile. Use a tool that works well with the problem at hand. Using a hammer when what you need is a screwdriver is a bad idea.
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