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How to figure out max voltage from resistance of the material between two plates

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    Okay guys, I have a question and I am sure the answer is stupidly obvious but I can't seem to find a equation explaining it. I want to know the max possible voltage of the capacitor based on the distance between the plates, the Area of the plates, and the resistance of the material between the plates in ohms. if it helps the figures I was looking at were dx = .35 (m) A = .5 (m) radius and the resistance of the material between the plates is 1 * 10^11 (ohms) Which gives this material a volume of .27 (m^3)
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    What you need to know is the dielectric strength of the material, not its resistance. This is given as breakdown voltage / thickness, so for example polythene might be 20-160MV/m.

    PS. You might want to check your calculation of volume, not that it is relevant!
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