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How to find composition using Specific HEat

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    IS it possible?
    say if the specific heat is 800
    and the composition is made up of 2 materials
    one which has specific heat of 850
    and the other of 750
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    Its an inverse problem.

    You'd need to assume a model for the specific heat as a function of composition and the specific heats of the pure materials, and use the model equation to solve for the unknown compositions.
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    say if it was made out of copper n iron
    copper having 400 specific heat heat capacity
    Iron having 890 specific heat
    and the mixture had 780 specific heat capacity
    ^ assume the values are that
    can u show me how to do the inverse problem to find the composition?
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    no one is going to show you how to do anything.

    you need to figure it out on your own.
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