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How to find roll, pitch yaw

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    how to find roll, pitch yaw....

    given an x,y,z position for the end of an robot arm(end effector), is there any way to find the roll, pitch and yaw for it...Given access to entire history of x-y-z positions. I'll be using IK then to evaluate whether these values are possible or not. All I need to find is just some 'correct' value for them....

    any pointers for how to compute the roll-pitch-yaw values....
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    Re: how to find roll, pitch yaw....

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but roll, pitch and yaw apply to a plane. You need 3 points to define a plane. You identify one, the end of the robot arm. A second point would be the root of the arm. Looks to me like you are one point short.
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