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How to find the spec for a bend in a coil!

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    Howdy folks,
    I'm having trouble finding a spec for bends in wound wire i.e. a coil.
    For example if you take the coil, say 150mm long and roll it on a flat surface and it deflects from the table in places (wiggles), how does one possibly determine what is an acceptable bend and what isn't? It is welded to a tube, which has a max bend spec of 1mm but its in a coils nature to bend so im confused. Some are poker straight and some are 'wavy'. Any ideas would be much appreciated,
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    It might help if you told us what this part is or does.
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    Depending on the application, one way to decide might be if it buckles when loaded in compression. Small wiggles should straighten out when it's loaded, but if it's deformed badly enough it might get worse under load and fold in half.
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