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Studying How to get at least an A-?

  1. Jun 8, 2017 #1
    What're the best strategies or techniques you've used in order to get at least an A- in any given class?
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    Hmm. My best advice:
    Spend the required amount of time doing homework and studying.
    Go to office hours, study sessions, and/or get with others to study.
    Get plenty of sleep.
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    Study the course thoroughly one whole time before studying it again. This worked for me! Yes, this includes doing all the "homework" problems and exercises that you can BOTH times, and doing any example problems given along the sections of the course in the book.

    Something more to consider, is to be sure you are strong in the prerequisite knowledge for the course you wish to have "A-" in. Why would some students earn F or D their first time taking something like Calculus 1 ? Because they may be weak in either some of their Algebra 2 or their Trigonometry, OR BOTH. Why would a student earn D or F in something like Calculus 2? Because they may be weak in some of their Calculus 1 knowledge.
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    Don't look at the answer keys. It's better to get a problem set question wrong than look for solutions before you're finished.

    Also, collaborate with your friends only AFTER you have made a good effort to finish all the problems in your problem set.
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    have the prerequisites. go to every class. do all the reading. do all the homework. go to office hours with questions. learn every theorem and proof given in class and practice writing them out. review old copies of past exams from the course and work all of them.
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