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How to get funding for masters in US universities?

  1. Aug 21, 2014 #1
    Hi fellas, If I want to apply for a masters program in any US university, then how would I be sure if they can arrange me a fund or not. Do I have to mail a professor to know about my funding?

    and also where should i mention that I need a funding, in my application form or i have to complete additional papers to get it.

    I am planning to apply to few universities this year, so I need some basic answers on these.
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    Most physics programs in the U.S. are PhD track. I believe that most won't admit anyone as a pure master's track (of course some people end up dropping out or being forced out and ending up with master's). Most provide full funding for you one way or another (usually you serve as either a TA or an RA to get the full funding). As to whether you are likely to be able to move off of serving as a TA soon or ever, you'd have to contact the school and sound them out. It also pays to contact grad students at the school since you might get a more detailed and truer picture.
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    I changed fields and I am starting a masters program this Fall in Math - some of this may apply still. It is funded because the incoming class is never large enough to fill all the necessary TA positions and if a student receives a 50% appointment as a teaching assistant (as a graduate student) the department pays tuition.

    Perhaps this is a general case at large state schools with small physical science and math departments.
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