What is Us universities: Definition and 24 Discussions

Higher education in the United States is an optional stage of formal learning following secondary education. Higher education is also referred as post-secondary education, third-stage, third-level, or tertiary education. It covers stages 5 to 8 on the International ISCED 2011 scale. It is delivered at 4,360 Title IV degree-granting institutions, known as colleges or universities. These may be public or private universities, liberal arts colleges, community colleges, or for-profit colleges. US higher education is loosely regulated by several third-party organizations.According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) and National Student Clearinghouse, college enrollment has declined since a peak in 2010–2011 and is projected to continue declining or be stagnant for the next two decades.
The US is unique in its investment in highly competitive NCAA sports, particularly in American football and basketball, with large sports stadiums and arenas.

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  1. E

    Schools Question About Relevance of a HBSc degree at UofT Compared to US Universities

    I am currently a University of Toronto student. I recently had some doubts about how good my school is compared to other top US universities (such as MIT, Princeton, Caltech, Berkeley, Stanford, Harvard, UCLA), even though I did my research before attending UofT, these questions pop up regularly...
  2. warhammer

    Admissions Is it harder to get into a top US PhD Program with a German Master's degree?

    In my country we have the Three Year Bachelor Degree system (which is being accepted for a change by many US universities now). I have picked out a few options & would *really really* like to do my Doctorate in the States. An alternate plan is to pursue my Master's from JGU Mainz in Germany...
  3. Nabin kalauni

    Schools Which college should I ED (apply) to?

    I am a Nepalese 12th grade student and I will be applying to a few US colleges for the Class of 2023. I am seeking to pursue a PhD in some field of physics that will pique my interest by the end of grads. I won the national physics olympiad and would be participating in IPhO now had it not been...
  4. ujjwal3097

    Schools Which university should I choose for physics major?

    Hi everyone I am an international students from India. I have applied to few Canadian and American universities. I want to study physics and maths as a double major in college. I am a bit confused and not able to make a good decision. I have been admitted to the following universities...
  5. ujjwal3097

    Schools Affidavit for financial support for US universities

    Hi, I am applying to American universities as an international undergrad from India. I don't know when to submit my affidavit for financial support. Should I submit it with my transcript or after admission in the University. I have this confusion because there is no information about such...
  6. O

    Schools Which are the best American universities for astronomy?

    Hello. I'm a French student and I'm planning to go to the United States for a graduate program in astronomy. When I will arrive in the U.S. I will begin by the first year of graduate. Then I will pursue with a Ph.D. and some postdoctoral research. I would like to know which are the best...
  7. X

    Schools Is ranking universities by scientific journals accurate?

    I am going to be a senior this year and I am considering on studying physics. I want to know what universities to apply to. I found a web page that shows universities ranked by scientific journals. A couple response would be nice. Link to web page-...
  8. C

    Career in Europe vs US (Comparison of academic cultures)

    Where to pursuit academic career as a (non-EU and non-US citizen) physicist? Europe and US have major social, cultural, intellectual, demographic and academic differences. There are pro's and con's for each of course and I am very struggling to decide. I thought that some experienced people on...
  9. S

    Schools Which US universities do I stand a chance to pursue a PhD?

    Hi I am originally from India and finished my BEng (Hons) Electronic Systems Engineering at Lancaster University, United Kingdom. My degree average was 60% , 2:1 (Upper second). My final year project was on mm-wave waveguides. Currently, I am on way to finish my MSc Engineering (by research)...
  10. B

    Schools Senior Year Student -- What US universities are good for physics?

    Hello, I've been wondering about universities in the US. So what are relatively good universities in physics with a low tuition and good financial aid for international students? (Good universities in physics as in those that come in second or third after the "famous and prestigious"...
  11. C

    Schools How to get funding for masters in US universities?

    Hi fellas, If I want to apply for a masters program in any US university, then how would I be sure if they can arrange me a fund or not. Do I have to mail a professor to know about my funding? and also where should i mention that I need a funding, in my application form or i have to complete...
  12. S

    Schools Ranking US Universities according to their physics research

    Hello I have asked similar questions in the past but am having a lot of trouble with this!: I am welcoming all advice on finding good official ranking tables of US Universities according to the quality and volume (and perhaps other metrics as well!) of their scientific research. For...
  13. U

    Schools Best US Universities: UC Davis, CU Boulder, UT Dallas, UIUC, UW Madison & More

    If possible, pls mention in order of superiority: Univ of California- Davis Univ of Colorado Boulder Univ f Texas- Dallas Univ of Illinois- Urbana Champaign Univ of Wisconsin Madison Syracuse Univ George Washington Univ Univ of Rochester Univ of Connecticut Michigan State Univ...
  14. W

    Schools Foreign born Ph.D's in the US universities

    So I looked up some numbers on wikipedia, and it turns out that over half of the people going for PhD's in science and engineering in the USA are foreign born, and I was surprised to see that over 80% of the postdoctoral chemical/materials engineering students were foreign born. Why are these...
  15. T

    Schools Top US universities in physics|Undergrad

    I'm in a sort of dilemma here, but I wanted to know about what fellow PF members feel about the different universities in the USA. Which of the top universities are good at pure sciences, especially physics with respect to teaching and research at the undergrad level? Is it true that Caltech has...
  16. R

    Schools US universities accepting 15 years of education?

    I know this question has been asked a million times,but i haven't been able to find an answer for this. I am a Physics Undergrad and looking forward to pursue MS in Physics from US,but I have only 15 years of education (10+2+3). Most schools require qualifications comparable to a U.S...
  17. A

    Schools Terminal masters program in physics (US universities)

    Hello everyone! Being new to the community, this is my first thread... What i need to inquire is that which US universities offer a terminal masters program in physics? Thanks in advance. Abhishek
  18. S

    Schools How to get into top US universities?

    How to get into top US universities?? I am from India.I finished my 12th this year and am going to pursue a bachelors degree in computer engineering. I would like to pursue my masters in one of the top 10 American universities. I have 4 years in hand inorder to work in that direction.What...
  19. K

    Schools Exploring US Universities for Materials Science & Polymer Chemistry

    Hello! I am a junior in a high school. Currently, I am exploring different different colleges and universities, only in the United States and America. Right now, materials science and polymer chemistry is really interests me and I want to know if anyone here can recommend a university...
  20. P

    Schools Top US universities for nuclear physics

    Which are the top universities in the US for graduate studies in nuclear physics?
  21. G

    Schools US universities for international students

    I’m currently enrolled in high-school in Denmark, a little Scandinavian country. Lately I have seriously considered going to the US to get a university degree, however I’m wondering what is required. My ultimate dream would be to go to MIT or a similar top university. Of course I know this will...
  22. A

    Schools What system of measurment is used in US Universities?

    Hello. I know that the United States officially uses the Imperial Measurement System (eg. feet, inches) instead of the Metric System (eg. centimeters, kilometers). What system is most commonly used at universities in the US? Are courses in the US taught primarily in the Imperial System...
  23. Monique

    US Universities with excellent Biology programs?

    I'm crazy. I moved from the US back to the Netherlands to start a research career here, but I am not satisfied and want to move back to the US.. I want to know which Universities are known for their Biology programs and if those are nice cities to live in. I could just stop working on...
  24. B

    US Universities for Postgraduate Studies in Astrophysics

    Hey, I'm a 2nd year student @ warwick university (UK) currently studying a masters in physics. I eventually plan on studying for a PhD in the states in Astrophysics.. Not many people seem to know around here so I thought I'd give this forum a shot.. Which schools in the US are well known...