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How to get rid of the tool bar in Firefox?

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    I downloaded and installed a pdf converter, but it added the WS, Daily Deals.........on the top of the page. I want to know how can I uninstall those program. I prefer not just disable it, but uninstall all the add on.

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    Click on View. Then click on Toolbars. Uncheck the ones you don't want.
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    Thanks. Anyway to uninstall them?
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    Try the Tools -> Add-ons menu.
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    Some toolbars can also install themselves in the OS and may have to be removed from Windows.
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    To hide/customize your toolbars in firefox navigate to View>Toolbars>Customize
    This allows you to pull anything off the screen you see into the toolbars popup window to remove the toolbar/icon from view.

    Alternatively you can move toolbars or add buttons ect.

    Also if you want to ever run firefox without addons or toolbars ect hold down Shift when opening firefox, this will enable safemode disabling everything known to firefox.

    Also the addon's manager can be used to permanently remove addons, extentions, plugins and appearance tabs to find the annoying toolbar.

    Also in the view/toolbars tab you can hide/show the menu bar, this allows for freeing up some viewing area or allow you to stop using the top left firefox button or pushing Alt to show the menu.
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