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How to integrate ms word 2010 eq editor with my website

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    Dear Valued Member of the forum
    i am from Bangladesh, we want to build a site.
    here to i want to how to integrate ms word 2010 eq editor with my website.
    so , any one pls help me, how to add this editor, ?
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    I would suggest using LaTeX to write equations. There are many plugins for both websites and word to render them.
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    You can't. I recommend MathJax. It's free & open source, but isn't an authoring environment; it's for displaying the math on your website. MathJax allows either LaTeX or MathML input, and works in all browsers on all platforms (including mobile platforms).

    If your authors don't know LaTeX, there are both free and commercial means for them to create the math for the site. If you want to use MathML input, understand that MathML was never intended to be authored manually, but for this too, there are tools available.
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