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How to know the level of a tank by displacing the liquid

  1. Mar 5, 2015 #1
    Hi friends,

    I have the following problem, I know there is a system named bubbler level gauge, it works by measuring the required pressure to displace the liquid inside a tank.

    My known data is:

    the height of the tank
    The Diamater
    The Density of the liquid
    The Volume of the tank

    Let's say I place a differential pressure sensor and I read the required pressure to displace the liquid, how can I know the level of the tank ? there must be a formula to determine when the tank is full, or 50%, knowing the pressure required to displace the water

    (please take a look at the following image)
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    Are you familiar with Pascal's law?
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    Not much, do you have a formula my friend?
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