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How to measure signal from a piezoelectric sensor?

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    Hello, i'm not an electrical engineering student so please bare with me...
    anyways if lets say you swallow a pill containing a piezoelectric sensor to measure adsorption of a molecule in the stomach how can you detect the changes in frequency? if there is no "physical" electrical connections with the outside. can it be detected using ultrasound? and how?
    and if you think i'm better off with another type of sensor for this type of measurement, i'm open for ur suggestions..
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    The Mythbusters used a pill thermometer to take their core body temperature from inside their body, and it communicated with a receiver with radio waves.

    I don't know if you'd be able to design something like this though.
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    The changes of frequency of what, exactly? How is the biochemistry meant to affect the piezo sensor?
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    well i'm trying to measure the concentration of ammonia so when it adsorbs on the surface of the sensors it causes the frequency changes Δf because of Δm applied. i got this idea from the heidelberg PH pill that gives out the measurements by radio transmission, and i was hoping that there's a way i can do that with a piezoelectric sensor. :)
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