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How to Post Images Outside of General Discussion

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    Dear PF,

    I would like to post three diagrams I drew in conjunction with text. I would like to present the diagrams one by one so the images can be readily referred to while reading the text that relates to each image.

    When I went to try this it seems the attachments are all shunted to the end of the post, which will make it much more difficult for anyone trying to follow my post.

    In General Discussion the placement of images can be completely controlled. Is there no way to do this in the other forums?

    Your Pal,

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    Are you sure about that? I thought attachments always appear thumbnailed at the bottom, and the person reading your post must click on them to see a large version. If you want the actual image to be displayed, you have to put the URL of the picture file between img tags.
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    Yes, you're right about attachments in GD. But I don't think you can do the url thing outside of General Discussion.
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    At one time there were restrictions, but I believe most, if not all forums have the ability to add urls now, be sure that you are in "advanced" mode and if you see the picture frame, you can do it.
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    Thanks Evo. It's looking like I can also just use image tags, so I may put them in photobucket and do it that way.
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