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How to read always from the first line when using READ in a loop?

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    Hi, folks,
    Here is the code:
    DOUBLE PRECISION X(N),G(N),F,A,d(5000),u(5000)
    open (unit=2, file ="output.txt")
    Do i = 1 , ITER - 1
    Read( 2 , * )
    End Do
    Read( 2 , * ) d(ITER)

    Do i = 1 , n - 1
    Read( 2 , * )
    End Do // it always starts from the next line of last iteration
    How to make it start reading always from the first line for every iteration since in one iteration, maybe this subfunciton will be called several times and I want same data read in one iteration. Any help will be really appreciated. Thanks a lot.

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