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How to remove hysteresis from a temperature sensor

  1. Apr 29, 2009 #1
    I'm having an issue with an RTD in the lab that I think may have some hysteresis affects going on with it. I know RTDs can be prone to this if not used properly but is there any practical way to confirm this with out using some other standard (The RTD is the most accurate temp sensor I have available)? I was thinking of putting the sensor in a water bath and then ramping the temp up and down a few times while recording the results in set time increments to see what would happen. Is there any other way of doing this while not going below room temp?
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    I think the problem with the RTD (resistance temperature detector) may be a delay in the correct reading due to the specific heat of the sensor or the water bath. Ramp up the temperature to a fixed value, and wait for the RTD to catch up. Simultaneously measure the water temperature with another thermometer.
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