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How to search for phrases in forums

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    [SOLVED] How to search for phrases in forums

    How do I search for a phrase in the 'Search forums' textbox??
    For example, if I wanted to search for the phrase "Laplace Transform", how do I type it into the box?

    I've tried putting a phrase in quotation marks but it doesn't seem to work! All the search results are results of the single words making up the phrase, and not the phrase itself.

    Theres probably a simple solution, but I just can't seem to do it!!
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    Doc Al

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    I've found that the best way to search for anything on PF is to use Google. Just restrict the search to this site.
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    Thanks, that worked perfectly!!
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    from http://www.google.com/intl/en/help/refinesearch.html#domain [Broken]

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    Only staff, contributors, HWHs and SAs can use boolean searching. You could would then either use "Laplace Transform" or Laplace AND Transform.
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    I have a bookmarklet (based on some other similar bookmarklets on the web)
    that seems to work for me [in Firefox 2.0 on WinXP]:

    Code (Text):

    javascript:s='';function gS(w){for(var i=0;i<w.length;i++){gS(w.frames[i])};try{s+=w.document.getSelection()}catch(e){try{s+=w.document.selection.createRange().text}catch(e){s+=''}}}gS(top);{void(s=prompt('Physicsforums search via Google:','"'+s+'"'))}if(s){void(window.open('http://google.com/search?query='+escape(s)+'+site:physicsforums.com'));window.clipboardData.setData('Text', s)}
    Make a new browser-shortcut in your favorites/bookmarks toolbar
    with the above as the "URL" or "location".
    Ignore any weird error messages.

    Now, when you click it, a dialog box appears for you to type in.
    If you highlighted some text before clicking, it appears in the dialog box with quotes surrounding it.

    The search term "site:physicsforums.com" is appended to the contents of the search box and is sent off to Google.

    It should be possible to make it a URL on the top bar on any webpage.
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