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How to set up two linear actuators to share loading?

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    I have a structure that needs to be pushed by a set of actuators. It is because 1 actuator's loading may not be sufficient and changing it to a more powerful model will just sacrifice my space which is not favorable.
    Can anyone tell me if it is a common way of doing it? If so, how do I manage to do it? Assuming I can sync them as closely as possible?
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    Hydraulic or Electric drive are you talking about? Whatever way you chose, it is common design which people use today. However, in both ways, you need to install device to make sure that all the actuators are synchronized at same speed(if not very minimum difference), such as using shaft connector(hyd & ele) or flow divider(hyd).
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    Hi Richard,

    It would be electric drive. I just wonder if anything can be used to make sure they share load equally. They are supposed to push in the same direction.

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    More details and a drawing would help, but it sounds like you could use short/stiff springs to couple the multiple drives to the load. That will help them to share the load dynamically...
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