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How to simulate Ground bounce on AC line

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    I am not talking about Digital circuit ground bounce on PCB.
    How do I simulate a Ground bounce for a system that runs on 220V AC.
    In real field conditions, the system might be connected to different grounds. How do i replicate this in the lab.

    Can I have a SPDT relay between GND1 & GND2. I can just toggle to simulate ground bounce?
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    I'm not sure what you mean by "Ground bounce on AC line". If you are trying to simulate earth potential rise, good luck. Here's what the ground potential gradient might look around a substation due to a fault.

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    With SPICE you can define "grounds" in various parts of your circuit that are not actually SPICE ground node 0. You then can tie these remote grounds to SPICE ground via transmission lines and inductances to model the physical line effects that create ground bounce. To tie this to empirical data, you use various impedance measurement equipment such as LCR meters and VNAs to estimate the parameter values for these ground components.
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    Simulation will help. But i need to do this in real.

    I think I am trying to find out if the 220VAC ground bounce has any effect on the logic circuits running at 5VDC.
    If it screws up the data.
    Mostly likely it will result in a glitch. But i guess the bypass caps will take care of that.
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