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MATLAB How to solve complex 1st order ODEs in octave/Matlab

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    I am stuck with the issue quite sometimes already.
    The question is to solve a 2 complex 1st order complex ODEs.
    The hints that given by the professor is to separate the ODEs into the real and imaginary part as ocatve/matlab only capable of handling real ODEs with “ isode “ function.

    So how to decompose a complex ODEs into real and imaginary part? For instance, a real complex ODEs can be decomposed into 2 functions, 1 with all the real part, and other one with all the imaginary part.
    Please do let me know if i am not stated the problems clearly as well.

    Any hints and reference materials will be truly appreciated.
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    Hi Alan, welcome to PF!

    If you have two complex ODEs for variables ##y_1## and ##y_2##, define a new system of variables
    u_1 &= \Re (y_1) \\
    u_2 &= \Im (y_1) \\
    u_3 &= \Re (y_2) \\
    u_4 &= \Im (y_2)
    substitute the ##u##'s for the ##y##'s in your ODEs, and this should give you a system of 4 ODEs for the ##u##'s.
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