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How to solve this mathematic?

  1. Mar 7, 2004 #1
    How to solve this mathematic??


    Can anyone help me how to solve this? I wat to solve for X
    0.0032 = (x/100 * 0.0556) + (y/100 * 0.0153)

    Should I do it like this?
    0.0032 = (x/100 * 0.0556) + (100-x/100 * 0.0153)

    ... And how to solve it [?]
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    Edit: I assumed you were using standard notation, i.e. your equation was:

    [tex].0032 = \frac{.0556x}{100} + \frac{.0153y}{100}[/tex]

    Subtract .0153y/100 from both sides. Multiply both sides by 100. Divide both sides by .0556.

    Notice how each layer of complexity is just kind of peeled away one at a time. Just break it down into little steps and you should find it's easier.

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    Thanks you for replay

    At the end I got this:-

    0.0576 - 0.275 y = x

    What do to next to get the number of "X" ??

    I'm still at the same problem :\

    Could you give me the answer of "x" and how did you get it, please?

  5. Mar 8, 2004 #4
    You need more information (such as another equation) to be able to uniquely determine x. Of course, if you're interested in /a/ value of x, you could just set y = 1 (or something else) and evaluate the expression...
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