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How useful would a CS minor be?

  1. May 7, 2013 #1
    Hi. I'm currently a math major and I need to choose a concentration (CS or stats).
    I've already taken matlab and currently taking C++. I've noticed that upper-level courses are not about programming but are about machine learning, algorithms, cryptography, etc.

    I think I am capable at programming, but would taking upper level CS courses help me if I don't go into the computer industry? It seems like stats is more applicable across more industries than CS.

    However, right now my courses got mixed up and I might not be able to take this course that's the prerequisite for all my stats courses, so I might have to choose a different concentration in order to graduate on time.

    Anyway, would a CS minor be useful if I don't exactly plan on going into engineering/cs?
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    It depends. I'm actually a Stat person who focused a lot on computer science. There are some classes that I would advise anyone who is going to work with large number of data to take that tend to fall under computer science. Anything regarding databases and data mining. Anything related to numerical analysis. Having these skills in your toolbox I think you would fine to be rather useful if you plan to play with large data for a career.

    If you're on the more abstract side and want to do a cs minor to fulfill a graduation requirement. Machine learning and algorithms I think would be generally beneficial too. In fact, you may even find that if you end up studying machine language that the amount of functional analysis can make it a rather interesting topic!
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