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Howdy from Cincy!

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    I wanted to say Hi to people as I just joined.

    My Name is Adam and I'm from Cincinnati.

    I got heavy handed into the sciences in Junior High in my pursuit of Amateur Radio and never really looked back. This was the beginning of my fascination with efficiency. I couldn't afford a legal limit station from the get go, I was a bloody kid, so I had to make every radiated Watt work for me the best I could :-)

    Interesting thing is, I've always dreamed about becoming a Physicist but was too hard headed to finish school when I was the typical school age, or typical for beginning school. I was a go it alone and my way, type of youngster. The irony being the foundation of Science is community, in my opinion. People do change as it turns out..

    I plowed my way through the world building and growing my own business focusing on Vacuum Tube Amplification and ended up with Sociology degree by accident as I dealt with Guitar Players ranging from the bottom to the top. HA! Well that too got boring, so in the process of trying to complete a few inventions or solutions to problems that as of yet have no solution, it has become necessary to go to school to acquire the knowledge and teamwork necessary. My entire adult existence as it's played out thus far, resided in my own self made environment where I was use to writing the rules, not interpreting them. So it was a process of personal growth if I may, that It was becoming necessary to pursue "Higher Education"

    So at the age of 34 I am ostensibly a College Freshman and it is fricking sweet to be going to the University of Cincinnati because I want to, not because the world says I need to, as I already disproved that theory albeit it was a laborious process.

    I hope to one day, be part of the solution to the Human Race's need for power and I believe if we make Fusion power generation a reality it will liberate all who put on their trousers one leg at a time. After all we really don't need to be generating anymore Plutonium through peaceful reactor operations, we have enough on hand for 5 more Arms Races. No thanks!

    I'm also a believer that gravity as little understood as it may be, is one hell of a potential energy source for Man and I'm quite confident that the effects of it could be transformed or transmuted without violating the law of conservation. After all what the average American or citizen of a developed nation views as efficient is anything but. Obviously a result, if possible, of converting gravity would entail slowing the earth down, but what would be insignificant to that picture would be Epic to mankind as the scale differential is beyond comprehension.. And we do use other planets to slingshot and speed up space vehicles to hurtle them into deep space, so in general I'm game to pursue it.

    I have some math to learn!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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    Welcome to PF!

    I hope we can help you in your noble quest.

    Also please take some time to read our site guidelines (see link below) and remember that we are here to help students learn mainstream STEM subjects and consequently don't discuss personal theories or speculative science as outlined in our guidelines.

    Welcome again,
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