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Howdy! I'm new here

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    Hey Everyone!
    I'm the newest member on physicsforums.com, I really liked this forum & it's too much helpful.

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    Hi TylerDurden49 and welcome to physicsforums! :smile:

    I hope you enjoy your time here. What are you studying??

    Anyway, do you like fish??
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    Catch him off guard - from the other thread:
    "My favorite fishes are Baracuda, Tuna & Mackeral, I hunt them myself, I'm an angler too."
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    *smacks TylerDurden49 with a baracuda, a tuna and a mackerel*

    That should do the trick :smile:
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    Welcome to PF :smile:!
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    Oh yeah, welcome. I guess I kinda just looked like the dude who shows up to a house party and starts telling people to hit the new guy with a tuna... and who likes THAT guy?
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    *hits Tyler with Tuna*
    Welcome to PF Tyler!! Hope you enjoy your stay here! :)

    LOL! Micro, I just noticed what you put for your degree. ha!
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    WOW! So much welcoming thanks that's really cool.

    What's with the favorite fish question? Why it's being asked to every one?
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