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Hydronium + Sodium Chloride Reaction

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    Hello again forum!

    I'm doing a few experiments at home with a protonated saline solution and need some assistance. What is the reaction between the hydronium ion and sodium chloride. I think it's:

    H30(+) + NaCl => H2 + H(+) + NaOH

    but I'm not sure. :confused: Any advice would be great appreciated!
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    Consider H+. In order to get H2 from 2 of those, you'd also need 2 electrons. The only way I know of to get hydrogen gas from an acid is to react it with a metal, which easily provides the electrons it needs. That alone would prevent your proposed reaction from occurring.
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    Thanks for the response!

    What if I used electrolysis? What would the reaction for H3O + NaCl be?
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