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I Hydrostatic stress on cube placed in deep sea

  1. May 26, 2016 #1
    Ques: If one metal cube placed in deep sea where will be maximum shear stress in cube?

    What I know: In hydrostatic condition there would be no shear stress, that means on any face of cube there would be not shear stress at all.
    In case of two dimensional stress; if we have same normal stress on the sides and zero shear stress we cannot draw Mohr circle; that means we cannot have shear stress in any orientation.

    My doubt: Whether it would same for three dimensional cube as in 2D case.
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    Hi Ravi, Is this question for schoolwork?
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    It's the same for 3D. The stress tensor will be isotropic, and the stress vector on an arbitrary plane of any orientation through the cube will be normal to the plane. There will be no shear stress.
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    No this was once asked in BARC interview for mechanical engineers
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    Thanks sir.
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