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I Hypergeometric Distribution Calculation in Libreoffice

  1. Apr 7, 2017 #1
    Given this libreoffice command:

    HYPGEOM.DIST(X; NSample; Successes; NPopulation; Cumulative)

    >X is the number of results achieved in the random sample.

    >NSample is the size of the random sample.

    >Successes is the number of possible results in the total population.

    >NPopulation is the size of the total population.

    >Cumulative : 0 or False calculates the probability density function. Other values or True calculates the cumulative distribution function.

    Consider: Two players have 10 cards each, face down. Player one flips a card over and gets a 6. What's the probability of player two flipping a card greater than six.

    Is this the right way to use the command:


    It gives ~35.8%. Just wondering if I was interpreting the question and the command right.

    Edit: I assumed suits are irrelevant and repetition is allowed.
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    If player 2 flips over a single card, you don't need a hypergeometric distribution. You just need the number of cards available and the number of cards larger than 6. It does not matter how many cards are face down, or not distributed at all.

    Is this a homework question?
  4. Apr 7, 2017 #3
    Thanks for the insight.

    No, it's not homework. I've just been curious with the probability of cards as of late and I'm not too good at probability.
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