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I am a contestant for the M-Prize challenge

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    I am a registered contestant in the M-Prize Competition.
    The Competition was started by top scientific professor's and the purpose of the competition is to design a spacecraft that can travel to an altitude minimum of 100km and orbit Earth 9 times or more, in addition to that the whole project must be within $3500 dollar budget.
    I already have some parts of the project purchased and will starts purchasing the later parts during the summer. The rocket I am designing will be liquid fueled and based on the rockoon concept, where the rocket will ignite from the balloon that has ascended x number of feet. The propulsion I will be using is hydrogen peroxide.
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    I don't stand a chance. My rocket orbited the Earth 10 times at an altitude of 300 km. Unfortunately, the toilet seat alone cost more than $3500.
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    You missed April Fool's, that was last week.
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    Surely your not implying this is a joke.This competition encompasses several countries including the UK, australia, china, and the usa.There are teams all over the world working diligently to claim coveted M-prize.

    edit:If anyone knows any space people that might have cheap parts for sale my team and I would appreciate it.
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    I hear North Korea has discount ICBM parts for sale.
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    So the girl reaper was your fault?
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    That's not much of a challenge unless you are planning a round trip.
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    What kind of a black hole are we talking about here?
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    £2 in which reference frame?
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    Hmm. This is the second space spoof in a week. The last guy wanted to send a Princes Cruise Liner to Mars.
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    I believe the fuel to get to 100 km and orbital velocity (17565 mph or 28355 km/hr or 7.85 km/s) will cost more than $3500!
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    Only if the payload weighs more than a nickel.
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    Chi Meson

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    Am I the next contestant for the Flight is Right? Hypatia, come on down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    These are the rules i received in my acceptance email.

    1. The Spirit of the M-Prize Challenge
    The M-Prize Challenge is intended to encourage creativity, originality and inventiveness in the face of severe odds and impossible financial restrictions. The remainder of these rules have been drafted to reflect and ensure this as far as possible. Nevertheless, it is possible that loopholes in these rules may make it possible to complete the challenge in a spirit not intended by the M-Prize organisers, but nevertheless within the letter of the rules. The organisers therefore reserve the right to exclude entrants (or to require entrants to modify their entry) if the organisers feel that the spirit of the M-Prize challenge is not being adhered to, regardless of literal compliance with the rules. Such decisions will be made fairly and after discussion with the entrant, but the decision of the organisers in these matters is final. All entrants are therefore urged to discuss their plans with the organisers from the outset to ensure compliance with both the rules and the spirit of the M-Prize Challenge.

    2. Amendment of Rules
    These rules may be amended at any time without prior notice. Such amendments will normally (but not necessarily) be made in order to clarify points, to close loopholes in order to ensure that all entrants remain within the spirit of the M-Prize, or for unavoidable legal reasons. Therefore, all entrants are strongly advised to contact the organisers before and during the preparation of their entry. Continuation of entrants' registration for the M-Prize Challenge is dependent upon acceptance of any such amendments to these rules. The only rule that is not subject to change is the rule regarding withdrawal from the M-Prize challenge.

    3. Prizes offered
    Prizes are offered in two categories. One prize (the "single-spend-to-orbit", or "SSO" category) will be awarded to the first entrant to complete the challenge using a non-reusable launch system. The other prize (the "reusable vehicle" or "RV" category) will be awarded to the first entrant to complete the challenge using a partially or wholly reusable launch system. Both prizes carry equal status. All of these rules apply equally to both prizes, except where stated otherwise. The two prizes differ primarily in the way in which the budget for the launch is calculated (see below).

    Entrants need not specify at the time of registration which of the two Prizes they are competing for, but must do so prior to launch.

    No single entry may win both prizes. In brief (see below for definitions and budget details) any entry for which the total cost of the launch vehicle exceeds £999.99 will be eligible only for the RV Prize. Any entry for which the cost of the launch vehicle is £999.99 or less will be eligible only for the SSO Prize, even if part or all of the launch vehicle is recovered. However, one team may, if they wish, make separate entries in both categories.

    4. Eligibility
    Individuals or teams are permitted to enter; teams must do so under the name of a single individual who will be the point of contact for the challenge; this person must be at least 21 years old at the time of registration. The M-Prize is aimed at amateurs, enthusiasts, would-be boffins and foolhardy optimists. Individuals or organisations connected with aerospace and other relevant industries are eligible, but must satisfy the organisers that they are acting without substantial support from their current (or former) employer, and are not making unreasonable use of facilities, donated equipment or resources etc. provided by established industry contacts.

    5. Legalities
    Compliance with all necessary regulations (for example those relating to the handling or construction of hazardous materials or devices; permissions to launch devices, and so on) is entirely the responsibility of the entrants, and the M-Prize organisers offer no advice on this matter. The M-Prize organisers do not require proof of compliance with regulations, but entrants should make themselves aware of the penalties for non-compliance. Any penalties incurred as a result of failure to comply with relevant local, national or international regulations are entirely a matter for the entrants.

    6. Intellectual Property
    Entrants are entirely responsible for any intellectual property issues arising from their entries. If you believe you have invented a valuable new way to get things off the ground, and would like to protect the idea, please go ahead. The organisers cannot become involved in the entrants' IP issues. We will not sign confidential disclosure agreements (CDAs), nor can we get involved in patent disputes and similar issues.

    7. Definitions
    For the purposes of this challenge, the following definitions apply:
    a - The 'Launch Site' is defined as the area of land from which the launch takes place; launches may also be made from water, in which case the "Launch Site" is the ship, raft or other vessel from which the launch takes place.
    b - The 'Launch Equipment' is defined as all items of hardware required for the launch, but which remain on the ground. These may include, for example, ignition systems, monitoring equipment, safety screens etc. Any items which are not required after a time 24 hours prior to the launch (for example, pumps to transfer fuel, battery chargers) are not considered to be part of the launch equipment.
    c - The 'Launch Vehicle' is defined as all items of hardware that leave the ground, including any fuel or other consumables. In a conventional satellite launch, for example, the launch vehicle by this definition would include the rocket (with all onboard telemetry and control devices), its fuel, and the satellite. In the example of a rocket launched from a balloon, the balloon and its lifting gas are considered part of the launch vehicle. In the case of a device launched from a ground-based gun, the gun and propellant are considered part of the launch equipment, whilst the projectile (with any shielding, sabots etc) is considered the launch vehicle.
    d - The 'Satellite' is defined as the part of the launch vehicle that enters orbit around the Earth. Note that, if more than one item enters orbit (for example, if the satellite separates from a rocket but both the satellite and the spent rocket remain in orbit), the entrant must define, prior to launch, which item is to be considered the 'Satellite'.

    The Orbits
    The satellite must complete a minimum of 9 orbits of the Earth, after its separation from or consumption of any items or consumables which put its weight over 19.99 grams. The orbits need not be regular, nor do they need to be at a constant altitude. No part of any orbit may be lower than 99.99 km above the surface of the earth.
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    Spoof?..Ive been a member of this community for 2 years and y'all can do nothing but be jealous and undermine my dreams?!
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    OK. Do you have a web site you can supply to the M prize?
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    I gave the brochure to a friend so i dont have it at the time.But i will get it soon.I cant believe how cynical you people are acting.
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    Validate the email information before spending 3,000$! You wouldn't be able to build it but at least you would learn something useful.

    I didn't see this contest at http://www.mprize.org/index.php?pagename=mj_mprize_overview unless it is hidden somewhere.
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    Did you give the e-mail address to your friend too? I feel a J-Prize post coming on, just give me time to think.
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    I'm going to a model rocketry even on april 25th at the eastern shore, MD. There is a 1/10 scale Saturn V rocket that is 1700lbs and 36.3 feet tall! It has 8000lbs of thrust and will go to 4,000 feet! It has 3 stages with 6 parachutes.

    Stay tuned for video!

    http://img139.imageshack.us/img139/7506/saturnv.png [Broken]

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    Thats a low rent version of the m prize, the REAL m prize is for genious space engineers. The email was sent by the organizers of the m prize so its legit and i also had a brochure.
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