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I am typing this fom our new laptop

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    and Ilove it! :biggrin:
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    Just keep your hands where we can see them. :rofl:

    Ok details now...what kind did ya get?
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    I'll tell you exactly what it says. (in other words, I'm not sure):
    I got a Toshiba satellitle M45-S355. Intel pentium M processer (1.96Ghtz) 1024MB DDR SDRAM 100GB (5400rpm) HDD, 15.4'' WXGA display, DVD SuperMulti Double layer drive, 802.11b/g wireless, i.LINK. 1394, Microsoft Windoes XP home
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    wow, I'm now jealous! Thats a great laptop. sounds like it has a lot of goodies packed into it. I wish I had the cd/dvd burner, like yours, it would make archiving my photo files so much easer.
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    Sounded great up until that last detail. Windows just ruins the whole thing. :tongue2:

    You're going to get spoiled on that one!
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    yomomma, next time I'm going to go have a bowel movement, I will take my PDA with me and describe everything in great detail to you over PM making sure I also include the doodle of how the thing looks like
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    Too bad it doesn't help your typing (You forgot the space between I and love). :biggrin: I was hoping there would be some little error I could point out. You did not disappoint. :rofl:

    Those are great specs for a laptop. Enjoy it. :smile:
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    ditto what moonbear said.
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    mac sucks, so do any other non-windows systems
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    Mac : Microsoft :: SAAB : Detroit. That is, some good points, but really a fad for people who enjoy being countercultural, and are willing to acctep higher costs to do it.
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    A fad? For ones who enjoy being countercultural?

    I've been religously using macs for over a decade, and would NEVER give them up over a PC.
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