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News I don't know where else to post this

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    I am currently doing a project on the book Animal Farm, and I need to know, where can I find a coppy of the 1920's U.S.S.R. constitution. any help would be great. If this is the wrong place to post this could you tell me where I could move to?
    Thanks, your help is appriciated.
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    Freedom Of Speech Is Covered Well

    Perhaps some of those "Freedom of Speech" Experts on this Forum, may care to look at the sub-links regarding "Freedom of Expression".
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    Where can I get a copy of Aminal Farm?!! Oh I'll try the politics section of Physics Forums? ROTFL! oh god that's hillarious!!!
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    To add...

    This isn't what I thought it was. Anyone who has read Animal Farm , what does the writing on the side of the barn represent in relation to the former Soviet Union?
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    Can't you find it on Google?
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    They don't so much represent a particular thing, as much as the rules. If you remember the book, they change the commandments without talking to the other animals.

    No animal shall drink alcohol.

    changed to

    No animal shall drink alcohol to excess.

    This is saying that Stalin, and in the book Napoleon (the pig), changed the rules to their own whims. The rules are set, until they decide they need to be changed for their own actions.
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    What is of interest there specifically? I looked and saw nothing remarkable.
    Any decent bookstore will have it. Its a classic.
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    MC363A didn't ask where he could get a copy of Animal Farm. Shame on you for not reading it correctly.

    Raps schwarzchildradius across the knuckles with her ruler.
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    MC363A didn't ask for a copy of Animal Farm. I think there is a thread on reading comprehension someplace here.
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    jimmy p

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    Evo is one harsh mother.....trust me, she's mine!!!
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    lol, I know, sorry, I must have been pwd. He's looking for a copy of the Soviet constitution. Still, very funny.
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