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I don't think its going to fit.

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    Say you are Noah and you have to put two of every animal into your ark. You don't have to worry about fish or aquatic mammals. How much space would you need on your ark. Even if you put the animals into a blender so that you could fill your ark with no empty spaces would they all fit into Noah's ark?
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    I thought about that once before, many years ago. Granted, it was several decks tall and so many cubits this way and that, but more then just animals, food storage would take up a lot of space. Grains and foods for the carnivores, not to mention fresh water, would take up as much space as the animals. So my answer is no.
    It was the poop factor alone that made me think, I would rather die then be saved on that Ark.
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    I'm surprised that this thread is still here. I expect it to go any minute now. Any deity that can cover the earth including the highest mountains with water could make all those animals fit in a cookie box. What part of omnipotence don't you get.
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    If you started with the smallest animals (gathering two of every insect, worm, etc) and working your way up in size, I doubt that you'd even be able to jam a little mouse or shrew in there edge-wise. All the large animals would be abandoned to drown.
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    Well, technically all you need is frozen fertilized embryos...
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    Of course they won't all fit.

    That's why you can see some green alligators and long-necked geese
    Some humpty backed camels and some chimpanzees
    Some cats and rats and elephants, but sure as you're born
    You're never gonna see no unicorns
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    What do you mean by 2 of every animal? Species level specimens? Genus? Family? Class? Order? Would Phylum level specimens do?

    There's likely a point at which you can fit a minimum required specimen set in a small SUV.
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    It's only 2 of unclean animals, it's 7 of each kosher animals!
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    Or maybe he kept only a few small animals and the rest is evolution :biggrin:
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    what does kosher mean? I know a little about it, but not the specifics. Once, when I worked at pillsbury we had a liquid nitrogen flash freezer. you put stuff on a conveyor belt and it came out the other side frozen. I had heard about making ice cream with liquid nitrogen so I asked if I could send some through and they said no because it would ruin their kosherness, even though none of my ice cream would have touched any part of the machine.
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    That would be 14, not 7 and they were clean, but not necessarily kosher. Kosher was not a concept until Moses brought down the law.
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    The Bible identifies certain animals as taboo for eating by Jews. Most famously, pigs. Animals which can be eaten are Kosher, others are not. Only Jews are subject to this law, non-Jews who eat these animals are not diminished by doing so according to Judaism.

    There is no prohibition against eating dairy products, but there is one against eating meat and dairy products at the same time. I doubt there was meat in the freezer at Pillsbury, but if there was, there would be an issue with running ice cream through. My guess is that the people who told you not to do it were not familiar with Kosher laws and were simply being extra careful because they didn't know.

    The Bible does not specifically forbid eating meat and dairy together. What it says is that you must not boil a kid in the milk of its mother. By the 2nd century BC, many of the biblical laws were in need of interpretation and the Talmud was written for that purpose. When the rabbis got to the part about the kid, they had no clue what was meant by it. In a manner perhaps similar to what happened at Pillsbury, they decided that if they forbad the mixing of meat and dairy in general, that they would err on the side of safety.

    There was a rival religion thriving among the Jewish people called Baalism. It involved two practices that made it an object of detestation to the Jewish religious leaders, temple prostitution, and human sacrifice. Less detestable, but still a problem were the idol worship and rival god. There are many passages in the Bible exhorting Jews to stay away from it with limited success. Modern archeology has apparently unearthed a temple devoted to this religion along with a wall carving depicting a kid being boiled in its mother's milk. So now we know what the Bible passage means, but it is too late. The Talmudic law obtains for observant Jews.
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    so all the animals today are inbred? :S
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    Yes. What's your theory?
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    That's always been my position. I probably shouldn't elaborate any more than that, or else I'd have to give myself an infraction for religious discussion.
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    It was all evolution.

    Revert back to my "inbred theory." Or, look at the end of my post.

    Natural Selection.


    Lets hope I'm not totally out of the ball park! I never did believe in the Arc anyways. But, it is fun to talk about.
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    My theory is, it was a minor flood and he gathered the animals in his vicinity. They just over exaggerated the massive flood because, it seemed big to them at the time. How could he travel the world in time to collect every animal?
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    How? Because it didn't happen. I'll throw my theory down tomorrow morning after my 8am class.
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    so all the animals today are inbred? :S
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    Yes. What's your theory?
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