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I got a topic to research Recommended preparatory reading?

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    I got a topic to research!! Recommended preparatory reading?

    I have been invited to write a proposal for researching this:

    >> The basic idea is to calculate, in first approximation,
    the effect of electron-positron pairs on the quantum state
    of a photon. You will need to study some relativistic
    quantum mechanics, calculate the electron-positron-pair
    creation contribution to the photon Hamiltonian, and then
    solve the eigenvalue problem for the state of the photon.
    All can be done analytically and parallels a similar
    calculation for the state of the electron. The analysis
    will become part of a larger calculation (not for summer
    but for later) that is numerical and could be a thesis topic. <<

    However, I only know Griffiths ch. 1-4, a little bit of 5, and ch. 6, some electrodynamics (enough to be able to read and understand up to Jackson Ch. 5), and Lagrangian and Hamiltonian mechanics. Any recommended reading for gently bringing myself to understand relativistic quantum mechanics?
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    Re: I got a topic to research!! Recommended preparatory reading?

    I recommend Greiner's book "relativistic quantum mechanics - wave equation"

    It should be enough for this task
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