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I always felt like it was too much work.In summary, this person changed their mind about going to medical school and is now glad they did because it gave them more time to do other things.
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For medicine at all of my choices. This is actually good news and I'm so happy. Because I don't want to do it anymore.

Anyway this is a useless topic but I really wanted to tell someone. Now I have an extra year to spend doing some additional learning and so on and reapply next year for something I really want to do.
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Congrats. Even though it does not apply to me, not being accepted to the education of my choice would be devastating. Congrats, I guess :biggrin:
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Damn straight. I don't know how I changed my mind so quickly (but with 4 rejections, I'm very glad I did, otherwise I might feel suicidal!), and I really hope this doesn't happen again next year!
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Good luck doing whatever it is that you want to do. Don't give up.
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You know, it was likely your attitude at the interviews that tipped off the interviewers that your enthusiasm wasn't in the right place. If it's not what you really want to do, it shows through then. So, yes, sometimes the worst-sounding things can be the best thing that ever happened to someone.

My revelation that I didn't want to go to med school happened right in the middle of an interview...an interview that actually went really well and I was offered an acceptance. But, the reason it went really well is the interviewer let me talk about what really had me interested...the research I was doing in my year between college and med school. :biggrin: That's when it clicked...I nailed the interview, but not because I wanted to go to med school, but because I was having a ball talking about research. I very quickly gathered together grad school applications and got them in just in the nick of time. So, yes, I can fully understand your feelings. Hooray for realizing this before spending a small fortune on med school! :smile:
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I don't really remember my attitude at the interviews. Whatever the case I'm glad it all went well.

Thanks for the messages
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you may very well have been saved. I am a physician. Got there circuitously, and i was headed for what I perceived to be the best of both worlds--academic post with part time clinical/teaching duties//part time researcher. I still think it would be very fulfilling, but a daughter and divorce limited my geography and working at the local U was an unsavory prospect at best.

So I did what I thought I never would, (being a do-gooder and wanting to save the world), and opened shop as a private practitioner. Its been good, but the nature of private practice has changed dramatically. Basically HMO's stole the show ca 1985-1995, and now its more about productivity and saving $$ for the bean counters, so some CEO can make 10M/yr. Not a week goes by where I have to make some really distasteful concession to the powers that be. The average internist in such a system likely makes what a middle manager does. Many of my colleagues are rolling up their tents and either retiring or looking for other outlets. I'm fortunate because I chose psychiatry as a specialty, which is in huge relative demand, and can make enuf to live on working 2 to 3 days a week. No call, tho i wear a pager 24/7.

Now if in the upcoming year decide you have a passion for medicine, you might consider applying to an MD/PhD program but you'll need strong grades and test scores for that. Usually a 6 year gig. Beau coup opportunities w/in industry/academia. A good number of MD's did not get in first try.
Personally I would recommend a masters program, and see where you sit after a year or two. PM me if you like.
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Hey man, I didnt get through anywhere I wanted last year either. I gave 8 exams and cleared 5 of them. The Uni's I missed were the ones I was interested in. So I dropped a year and prepped up for it. Now I got my exam on the 8th of April and I am in so much better condition I was in last year, I cannot tell you.
I joined these prep classes to help me, now, I can do the questions my friends in first year are doing. If you want to do it man, you got to go for it. So what if you didnt get in. If you want it, you got to go after it. Dont give up cause you didnt get it this time.
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Thanks for the replies and sorry for being so late.

If you make enough to live on just working 3 days a week.. that's really good. You must have a lot of free time. TBH I don't care for medicine any more.. I wouldn't be happy doing it.

Choas what are you applying for? I'm not giving up, I genuinely don't like medicine anymore.
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Engeneering. I am hoping to get into IIT. Around 400,000 people give that exam all over India. There are like 4000 seats. I hope I get in man. The exams on the 8th of April.
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God that's huge. Good luck with it. What will you do if you don't get in? And what is the exam on?

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