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I hate industrial engineering help

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    I hate industrial engineering help!!

    i am studying i.e in Peru and i graduate in 1.5 years. ( i will be 21) I have realized that i am not a real engineer, i am just an administrator who knows a little bit of science. I am a pseudo engineer.

    i have a passion for science, i love thinking about the phenomenons in nature . I think i should of studied something like chemical engineering.

    i also don't like Peru and i want to live in a first world country.

    What should i do?
    can i apply for a graduate degree in chemical engineering in the states?
    should start from stratch in an american college?

    i am really not familiar with the education system in america

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    Re: I hate industrial engineering help!!

    There's a lot of food for thought in here!

    1)How do you think will chemical engineering be different from mechanical engineering?

    Your post isn't clear whether you would like to work in a science or administration-related area.

    If you are a administrator, than you'd better go for some adm-related area. My father had a very similar experience: he entered mechanical engineering, because he thought he would be able to use his creativity and interest in science to invent new technologies. He dropped the course in the last semester (my grandmother wasn't very happy about that) and decided to graduate in administration. He doesn't regret his choice.

    If you want to work in science, please realize that most engineering courses aren't exactly focused in science. You will learn a lot of administration in nearly all engineering courses.

    2)It is hard to enter in universities in U.S. Also notice that first-world countries are not exactly interested in letting someone that hasn't even finished college to enter their borders. It is not uncommon, however, that some of the top students do part of their graduation abroad.

    If you really want to pursue education abroad, it helps a lot to be in a top university in Peru, and to have performed really well.

    What exactly do you hate about living in a third-world country?
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    Re: I hate industrial engineering help!!

    Is that a rhetorical question? lol.
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    Re: I hate industrial engineering help!!

    i am studying INDUSTRIAL engineering, NOT mechanical.

    i would like to work in a science area

    i probably wouldn't like administration since i am very shy.

    what i hate about 3rd world countries?
    there is no technology
    Anyone who isn't an administrator of some sort or a politician gets paid rubbish. there is no room for science.
    shortage of beautiful women

    i study at the best university in Peru for industrial engineering.
    of the 6000-5000 (i am not really sure of the exact number of people) people studying industrial engineering i am ranked 73.
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    Re: I hate industrial engineering help!!

    That was an absolutely stupid commentary.

    I live in a third-world country, bordering Peru, and I know that there are many aspects to improve, but I absolutely don't hate it. Would I like if my country invested more in Physics (the area I plan to work in)? Sure. But that doesn't make me loose the sight of the really cool stuff happening here.

    If you, Shacleford, thinks there's nothing good below the Tropic of Cancer, I would like to invite you to visit us. Or don't you know that first-world countries will eventually fall? Please, check which countries are growing faster!

    @sirownsalot: Shortage of beautiful women? You can't be serious.
    Corruption happens in all developed world - just see Italy. It's not restricted to developing areas.

    You can still switch to science. It's not uncommon.
    I don't know if most universities would see you as a prospective transfer student - you are too far into graduation. But trying doesn't hurt.

    If you prefer to graduate in engineering and later switch, than keep your grades high, and graduate in the top 1% - 10%. Also be in contact with your teachers, so that they can write recommendation letters. Check at the science departments in your university for study opportunities abroad - but don't forget doing your part and researching yourself too.
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    Re: I hate industrial engineering help!!

    thanks for replying but i wold apriciate any aditional information and opinions. I cant sleep at night knowing what a terrible mistake i made choosing I.E
    i want get my degree in industrial engieering in peru and then see what i do.
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    Re: I hate industrial engineering help!!

    You still have 1,5 years to graduate, which is more than enough time to search for graduate schools.

    You absolutely need to have a good English. By good English, I do mean the four abilities: reading, writing, speaking and listening. You will probably have to take some test of English language, such as TOEFL - get ready for it.

    Second, you will have to decide in which area of Science you will work in and what kind of university would you like to attend. Are you aiming for the top-tier schools? Or a medium one is OK?

    Keep your grades high. Try to graduate in the top 1%. You are already very close to this percentual - congratulations! - but the more you improve, the better.

    I'm afraid I don't know much of graduate's admission specifics - and I am almost sure the guidelines may vary greatly from one university to another - so I can't help much more. After you've chosen which universities you will apply to, post in this forum. I'm sure you will find help.

    Last but not least: U.S. isn't the only country in the first world. I have a cousin in Canada, and besides the quality of Canadian universities, he told me that Canada is willing to have immigrants - a rare feature in the developed world. You seem to be an excellent student, so many doors may be unlocked for you if you decide to go there. My cousin obtained canadian citizenship after little more than an year living in that country. So I STRONGLY advise you to take a look in other options besides U.S.
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