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I hate shower curtains

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    They're always touching me. STOP TOUCHING ME!!
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    I noticed shower curtains in a couple of hotel chains now have a transparent window at eye level - was there a rerun of Psycho recently?
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    Get a heavy duty shower curtain...really. The slightly more expensive ones are made of thicker, heavier vinyl (I assume you really mean shower curtain liner if it's on the inside). They stay in place much better. The cheap, lightweight ones are the ones that get sucked into the shower easily.
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    I just have a plastic curtain thats clear from top to bottom. It's never been a problem.
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    They make shower curtain rods that bow out, it gives you several inches of more space by your upper body.
    The one I saw at Home Depot was around 40 bucks.

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    My shower has a solid glass side, with a door...
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    I've usually had the solid glass ones too. I'd rather squeegee the glass than have the curtain attack me. The worst part is when you squirm away from the curtain and accidently touch the COLD wall.
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    Don't buy a rounded rod, they suck. We had one and they made the water leak out and onto the floor. Just stick with a nice heavy duty curtain :biggrin: Clear ones=bad...
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    Pfff... I learned to live with whatever shower I get. As long as the water is clean, I'm ok.
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    We used to have one of those too...until someone fell through it and showered the entire room in glass.

    Now we have a curtain.
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    The rounded rods need to be mounted a bit lower than a regular rod so that there is enough curtain on the bottom sticking inside of the tub or shower to keep it in place.
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    We did that, it was the fact that on the edges the water leaked out around the sides, I think we needed to have a longer one and one that attacked to the side of the tub/walls, but I'm not sure they have any like that.
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    we needed a longer one, we needed a longer one. god I'm so sick of hearing that
  15. Sep 26, 2008 #14
    I meant a wider one, but anyways....
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