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I have Computers now What?

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    The math and science center I attend is cleaning shop and finally getting rid of the old computers that were laying around. There are tons of monitors and computers both mac/pc none faster than Pentium 2. Most of it is junk by itself but they all work. I need some ideas of what to do with all of this computer equipment. Right now I am leaning towards selling individual componets on ebay in hopes of making a couple hundred dollars. However I would rather use the computers somehow. I took one of the better ones that was our old server and am making a server out of it, but I still have tons of old computers/monitors/acessories. Its funny going back and seeing stuff such as Locus 1-2-3. I was thinking maybe a beowulf cluster but I mean 20 computers times 100 mhz equals less than my desktop. But it would still be fun to do. Well if you have any ideas let me know.
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    Indeed. I work for the Computer Center at my university and we're in the middle of trashing and giving away a **** load of computer equipment (mostly P3s and P2s, about 5 Mac G3s and a crap load of moniters).

    Oddly enough, the RAM in those things are probably the most valueable (not so much the case since they're used). PC100 and PC133 RAM is pretty expensive.

    They should be powerful enough to run some Linux flavors and BSD, maybe some old skool ms-dos. So it would be possible to set up a beowulf clustor.

    You could always give them away to some poor church or school nearby.

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    The idea of watching one show on a dozen monitors made me laugh..but still is pretty neat.
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    hmm well I have the actual specs... I will upload the picture of some of teh computers tomorrow. I also decided to sell one in a computer shop for 80 dollars. (get 40 on consignment) anyway how much work would it be to set up a beowulf cluster
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    Here are the gentoo howtos for a linux cluster:

    http://www.gentoo.org/proj/en/cluster/ [Broken]

    You'll probable want to read:

    High-Performance HOWTO and openMosix HOWTO
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    the best experiment you could make with them is setup w95 LAN and when
    you realise that there are new faster machines and have learned a bit win networking
    give them away for free to a friend to get a similar experience or a friend in electronics who might like to salvage componetry from them
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    Why in the world would you want to learn Windows networking? :eek: I mean what is there to it? Active Directory, files shares, printer shares, etc. all can be done with Samba and LDAP on Linux/BSD/UNIX systems.
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    yeah its hard to run a windows cluster with macs
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    Linux/Unix is just networking
    windows is more than that is the biggest network on the planet
    and is simpler to use and a whole lot more
    Why in the world would you want to learn Windows networking? I mean what is there to it? Active Directory, files shares, printer shares, etc. all can be done with Samba and LDAP on Linux/BSD/UNIX systems.
    you like linux/unix and you like to say so
    and i say windows isnt there to like but use
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    Perhaps you'd care to clue me in, but that made absolutely no sense. You say Windows is more than networking, yet you state that someone should use it because it's the `biggest network.' That's kind of circular don't you think? And to support your point that `networking is a good thing,' you stated 'Linux/UNIX is just networking.' That doesn't exactly support your stance does it?
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    Anyway How long would it take for a complete newb to create a linux network using 9 power computing macs
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    ... 5 minutes.
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    Sorry not network... beowulf cluster ... like the picture lol
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    Anybody thought of donating them to one of the organizations that send them to developing countries. I'm an Australian living in Brazil and public schools here would kill for some of that "old stuff". I don't know the names of these organizations but I know they are out there, food for thought....?
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    I will burn your ISP.

    Not really, but its a fair threat for that kind of comment.

    Windows is not easier. Its a load of bloated crap that i don't need that just gets in my way. The only thing i can't do on linux that i can is play HL2, and Rome. Thats the only reason i keep windows around. EVERYTHING else worth doing, can be done on linux. Easier, faster, and better.

    And linux is not just for networking, its for people that need an OS that can actually perform.
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    I'd take em off your hands, i need all the extra CPU cycles i can get my hands on currently.

    We still have a few of those lying around in lower division lab classes, with the evil one button mouse. Evil.
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    Don't be so closed-minded. Yes, Samba, OpenLDAP, etc. can run on Linux, all of which are better implementations than their Microsoft counterparts. With this said, there's also better implementations of most of the services available for Linux. NFS on any propiertary UNIX, will blow the Linux implementation out of the water. Ever used Sun One's LDAP server? Psst, it doesn't even compare to OpenLDAP. Regardless, almost all of the apps that build in Linux will also build in Solaris or AIX, and even perform better (NFS and Samba being the emphasis).

    As far as being able to do something `easier,' Linux is quite behind. Ever used AIX's smit (or smitty)? Almost every system task can be done through the slick curses-style interface, and it'll let you even see the command that it's going to run to complete the task. Therefore, next time you want to do the task yourself, you'll know how to. Solaris has something equally similiar called SMC (Sun Management Console), which is very similiar to MMC (Microsoft Management Console) found in Windows. SMC will let you remotely administer systems just like SMC, however, it's not quite as capable as smit is at the moment. I have yet to find a Linux utility with as much power as smit or SMC, and even Microsoft has a tool that provides easier `administration' than that of most Linux distributions (SuSE's YaST being the exception).

    If you're not confined to the computer's in your bedroom and are part of a real IT department, you're going to be using a real propiertary UNIX, like Solaris and AIX for services that you want to `really perform' and can `easily administer.'

    Edit: Solaris will no longer be propiertary in the upcoming months. OpenSolaris will be released under the CDDL license, which is very similiar to the Mozilla (Firefox) license. In fact, Solaris is free at the moment, however, the source code is not - OpenSolaris will fix this.

    I do not mean to emphasize that only those in an IT department or production environment have a need for Solaris. I'm running a Solaris network at home, myself. A few propiertary Sun systems, yes, however the bulk of the network is Solaris 9 & 10 for x86. All of which serve for great workstations and servers, alike.
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    You can play HL2 on Linux:

    Check out the screenshot:

    http://www.linux-gamers.net/uploads/img41b714d07fb71.jpg [Broken]

    The only thing you need is a copy of HL2 and TransGaming's Cedega 4.2.1

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