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I hope that's the right place need help

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    hello all...
    i need u're help,
    well, i want to build a magnetic box - now, i have 4 hollow objects 2cm on 2 cm,
    (they made of alpaca - a silverf alloy), and i want them to "flow" in the air - so i thought to build a small box 10 by 10 cm, that is open on one side,made of magnet so that the objects will "flow" betwin the magnets...
    now i've been told that alpaca can't be magnetise..and that the mass of the object is too large...
    do u think that there's a way that i can do it?
    please help me...
    i can change the matriel to steel or some thing else...
    p.s. ...sorry for the english i'm not used to it...
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    I'm going to go with my best estimate of what you're trying to do, since the wording is a little unusual. You mean that you want to magnetically levitate something inside a display box of some kind, right?
    To start with, I've never heard of a magnetic alloy containing silver, so you probably heard right. Other than that, I can predict some serious stability problems; ie: keeping the object right-side-up and centred. The first tendency of any repelled magnet is to try and flip over to be attracted instead. Some more information, and maybe a picture would be helpful.
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    Try looking at


    for ideas.

    Note that it is possible to levitate conductors if you have an AC electromagnet. It may be power hungry, get hot, and be difficult to hide the wiring, though.
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    thank u all

    well first of all i'm sorry about the english,
    secondely, well i thought that it would by impossible or very difficult, any way thanks for the help, and if some thing good will come out of it i'll let u know....
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