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Homework Help: I need a better understanding

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    This is going to sound really dumb, but i was really hoping some of you would know some sites or have some work about waves we are studing it in my 9th grade physics class and i just cant get a grasp on it. Any thing would really be helpful

    Thanks the guy who cant spell
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    thats the thread with a lot of sites. If you want some explanation in general, tell me where you fail in understanding it. What is not clear for you, and so on. I'm sure there are lots of ppl here who are able to give you a better explanation than I can.

    Good luck
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    One thing that comes to mind is not to get confused with displacement and propagation. A wave is a propagation of a displacement. The displacement travels through space, and so it has a speed, and you can determine a distance traveled in a certain amount of time. The displacement of some waves (i.e. water waves and sound waves) is the same kind of distance that was just mentioned concerning the propagation, so it is easy to get them confused when you first see this stuff.
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    thanks alot

    I checked those sites out and found it vary helpful and about the different kids of waves i checked with my teacher and she agreed completly

    sorry its so brief but i have major homework
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