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I need a pump that will shoot LOTS of water extremely far

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    what would be a good setup to shoot as much water as possible , as far as possible?
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    Distance is a function of nozzle velocity and jet stability.

    So a small nozzle will project a fine jet a long distance, but if you want bulk water flow you will need a larger nozzle.

    Putting a spin at the nozzle exit will increase jet stability.

    When you have selected your nozzle then you need a pump to deliver the mass flow desired. Benoullis equation will allow you to match the maximum system pressure at any point to the maximum mass flow.
    In general pick a pump that pumps a lot of water through a large orifice and then throttle it down to a small nozzle.

    Remember to work out the power required to move that much water as well, otherwise your batteries will run flat before you get the system up to pressure.
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    Those are pretty vague constraints, Erazman. You could buy yourself a fire engine, but I suspect that that is somewhat beyond your budget.
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    The 1MW pump powering Lake Geneva's "Jet d'Eau" might do.

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