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I need help to build maglev train model

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    I am working on a project of maglev train and want to build its physical model(as simple as it works) just to give an idea that this project is in working condition and also some mathematical modeling that will help me in my research paper
    So please if any one can help me in this project I will be very thankful

    Especially if any one can give me help in mechanical structure, mathematical modeling, simulation and if any one can provide me thesis papers of well known doctors of the world

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    Sounds like fun! That's one thing that I've never thought of building, but I look forward to some brainstorming about it. To start with, welcome to PF. You've come to the right place.
    I can't help with any math stuff, but if I can ever manage to get to my own computer I can sketch up some stuff and post it. To start with, I'd recommend making it as light as possible (balsa, aluminum, etc.) to minimize the amount of magnetic strength required. That would include using high strength:weight ratio permanent magnets if you can afford them.
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    While being in college i have simulated (dynamics, stability, etc ...)a MagLev Train in Matlab using the root-locus-technique. I dunno if you know this ?

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    thanks that you read my thread

    now if you know about the simulation of this project then please let me know that how i can do it
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    yes but what technique are you using for the simulation ? What have you seen on this in class ?

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    i am working on the type of germany maglev system means attraction from forward side and repulsion from back side(basically it's attractive system)
    if you have worked on root-locus-technique then provide it to me
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