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Homework Help: I need project help, please. Not really homework.

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    Design a device where the entire device starts behind a starting line and ends with at least part of the device on a platform at the top of a ramp.

    In other words, we have to make something that put something on the top of a ramp. We are graded on how close to the middle of a platform at the top of the ramp our device is. The further away from the target, the lower our grade. Also, our grade is based on the part of the device that is furthest away from the target i.e. if we have a part in the 100 section and a part in the 60 section, we get a 60.

    I was originally thinking of making something that will drive up onto the ramp and stop on the top, but I don't know how to do that.

    I am now leaning more towards launching something from a trebuchet or catapult or something onto the target.

    Anyways. our device must put itself or something else onto a platform from a distance of 4-8 feet (they tell us the day we get there).

    Any ideas?
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    A sticky projectile maybe? Shoot it with a spring device where you can calculate the distance to pull the spring maybe?
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