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I need to read about polymers

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    I want to do research in polymers, and would like to build somewhat of a knowledge base before committing to a specific area. I'd like to spend 2 hrs/day just reading stuff and learning more about the field, and apply for Fall '15. I have some research experience from my undergrad, knows a good bit about polymers, and have applied to grad school before, but didn't get the deals I wanted, so I continued working.

    I know it's late in the year to be just starting this, but better late than never.

    what are some good resources to get information from? such as ACS Macro, or even high level news articles? I don't know, I'm looking for advice from people already in the field who might have a recommendation for an effective approach to getting a good understanding for the particulars of each subfield, what the challenges are, where the jobs are, etc...

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    if you know exactly what kind of polymer system you want to study: either the polymers or properties: mechanical, electrical, chemical, or simulation, then find some professors/ p.i.s who are big in that field and contact them directly for interviews. Read all their (big or recent) papers before meeting them.

    If you don't know exactly what polymer system you want to study, focus on the basics - read some polymer textbooks and apply to PhD programs at schools you want to go to.

    But really, your best bet is to not go to grad school. Just don't do it. You already have a job? in engineering?
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    yes, but without a phd, I'll be limited in what I can do in terms of research. most scientists have PhD's, and those with masters and bachelors level degrees are typically the lab techs who do the grunt work. to my knowledge, there isn't much upward mobility in research without a phd

    I wouldn't do a phd if research didn't demand it
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