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Homework Help: I seriously have no clue

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    You stand on the seat of a chair and then hop off. a) During the time you are in flight down to the floor, the Earth is lurching up toward you with an acceleration of what order of magnitude? In your solution explain your logic. Visulize the Earth as a perfectly solid object. b) The Earth moves up through a distance of what order of magnitude?

    The answer is:
    a) 10^-22 m/s^2
    b) 10^-23 m

    I thought the acceleration would be 9.8m/s^2??? I am lost on this one. Any help is appreciated.
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    Apply Newton's laws for the Earth and u'll find both answers quit easily.You will need to know the law of gavitational attraction.


    PS.Mass of Earth needs to be known.Approximate it to [itex] 6\cdot 10^{24} Kg [/itex]
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