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I want a source to study radio transceivers

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    Hi friends
    in my class we had to study some topics out of our interest .. i tried for along time to understand them but the teacher's slides is not enough for understanding
    so i ask if any one can give me sources to study the topics (the same way ) which attached as a photo
    note : i studied before AM and FM but not in details

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    the ARRL Amateur Radio Handbook
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    Find your local amateur radio club/group/society. You will find them more than helpful and you might end up with an interesting and rewarding hobby.

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    I like YouTube for this.

    If you go to
    www.YouTube.com in a browser.
    And type "radio fundamentals".

    There are dozens of videos there. Some are very well produced with gifted teachers, and you get it for free.

    Choose the topics that seem interesting but concentrate on ones that have thousands of views.
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    If you have to do a presentation, I recommend that you read widely and then choose a limited topic from what you read. For instance, a comparison between FM and AM could end up with a manageable size of project if you choose to discuss the RF aspects (propagation and performance) or the circuit aspects (transmitter design - expanding those attachments of yours).
    It's a massive field of study!!
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    thanks for your comments ... :)
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