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I want to chat with you in voice

  1. Aug 4, 2003 #1
    I am a chinese university freshman.
    Having joined here for several months I discovered that there are many intelligent ones here.
    We can talk about the mysterious chinese culture(as western always reckon) and I yearn for a chance to practice my oral english in return if I can understand what you say.
    my msn passport is czufo@msn.com
    But the prerequisite is you are free I am not intend to trouble you!

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    Hi there. I'm not Chinese but I can speak Mandarin. What part of China are you from? What university do you attend?
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    Mystery? What mystery? What do you want to know about China?:wink: This whole "mysterious orient" thing went the way of the dodo with the advent of the internet. it's the year 2003, I'm not Marco Polo, and you're not selling me silk, so if you have questions, pose away and we'll answer them I speak a few mandarin words here and there, and I have some chinese friends.
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    In another Topic, Chaoszen asked what westerners think about China, and I told him that China is largely a big question-mark to many of us. I was refferring to the current comunist government's policy of secrecy.
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    Oh ok. Now it makes more sense in that context. I agree that there is a great degree of secrecy there.

    Don't take my odd sense of humor as offensive. Just messin with ya Chaoszen:wink:
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