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I want to find a cure for herpes. What should I major in?

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    I want to find a cure for the herpes virus. How would I go about getting the education and qualifications needed?
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    First you should be up to date on what is happening in the field.
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    You could get a medical education, become a doctor (MD or an MD/PhD) and do research to find a cure.
    Or you could take a more research oriented path and figure out how to cure it without the hassle of becoming an MD. This however would probably rule out direct involvement in clinical processes.

    In either case, you would want to get a good understanding of molecular biology and cell biology, but you can get that from via a variety of majors.
    Lots of chemistry and physics to get there of course.

    Besides vaccines, there are other potential ways to attack viruses, such as HIV drugs or Crispr/Cas9 (although its not worked out yet):
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