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I want to sell the moon,

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    So Hi,
    About the question of property. Can some one claim to own the moon or a certain area in space, and thus ask for rentals for any one land on them or pass through them.

    What about 'countries' or 'United States' ownership? Can these 'things' be subject for sale ..etc?

    I am all ears!
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    Are we talking about philosophically or legally?
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    You can claim anything, you can ask anything! Whether anyone accepts your claim is another matter. There is a treaty signed by most nations, though not all, prohibitting any nation from claiming all or part of the moon as its property. I don't know of any legal basis for an individual person claiming to own property that is not part of a nation that could legally support that claim.
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    Moon Properties: $18.95 usd an acre. All perfectly legal!!!


    Bridge in New York for sale: $2.83 million usd

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    I remember some guy claimed the moon for himself. I guess that's the link that quantumcar posted.

    The basic idea of it was that there was some agreement where no country could claim ownership of any land not on Earth. The guy used that to claim the moon since it said nothing of individuals claiming that land.

    Of course I don't know how that's going to hold up in court if the future some government establishes a moon base on one of these purchased moon acres.
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    Until you find a way get to the moon, live there and protect your property without the Government's help, it's always going to be the Government who's going to have control of the moon.
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    I believe that if you desire to gain property on the Moon as a U.S Citizen by claim then you would have to follow the http://www.legendsofamerica.com/AH-Homestead.html" [Broken]

    If you Gain Property other than just by Claim you will have to purchase it by those who have set their Flag or Marker upon it.

    Also the Moon Property would have to be Marked out with Property Boundries accourding to the Federal Goverment Laws and Regulations and National Laws to make it legit or your Property Claim is meaningless.:bugeye:

    You also may have to pay taxes on the Moon Land.

    If you are a Billionair then you might achieve a Moon Property Claim and be able to keep it.

    However, I would think the Moon will be nothing More than a Space Base Station/Science Lab in the Future
    because once the price of setting up a Moon Base was Established it would Pay for itself and would begin to make a Net Profit from Satellite Owners/Clients because it would be cheaper to launch Satellites into Space from the Moon to Earth Orbit.

    The Moon would require a Defense System to keep People safe from Space Particals, A location on the Moon that is least effected by incoming Space Rock would seem to be Prime location for an established Moon Space Station, All Stratigies in avoiding incoming Space Material like Meteors would have to be established, Under ground Facilities would probaly be required as a Shielding Addition to Meteors and Radiation Exposer, Being on the Moon during a Mega Sun Flare event is a Scary Situation indeed or even an inbound space rock weighing even one pound at 35,000 MPH coming on Radar within a Quater Mile of your Location is a very whitening event.

    Even with an advanced Defence Technology it is still extremely dangerous.
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    Yet another instance of an individual subjecting themself to the thought that that which was outside the individual holds more value than that which is inside the individual.

    Perhaps, if an individual values that which is inside only and intends to develop the "First Property", they would indeed be integrated with all that is outside, including the sun, moon and stars.

    So long as an individual's thoughts are dominated by that which was outside the individual, the individual shall be subjected to the mood and whims of that foreign thing, and their own mood and whims about that foreign thing, until that individual is extinct.

    "It's what's on the inside that counts" is truly the way.

    The "real" estate is the First Property. You.

    Be objective.
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    There's an old mining claims law still in effect in the Yukon Territory of Canada.

    It states that if you stake a claim (a gold mining property or the 2000 sq ft either side of a creek for panning) you have a day for every 10 miles your claim is situated from the Claims Office (normally in Dawson City) to stake your claim and get your claim tags. As long as you work your claim every year the land is yours.

    This 1 day per 10 mile rule was allocated because most prospecters either had no mode of transportation (other than their legs)... or had a stubborn old mule as a ride!

    Todays lunar expeditions take about 3 days there and 3 back. What kind of leyway will there be for those people staking a claim on the moon? Will the private modes of transport be taken into account when considering the deadline for claims? Will the founder of Virgin Records and Virgin Airlines set the standard? Or is there such a thing as a space mule?:uhh:
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    It is a title. Being 'sebjective' in proof is sometimes not strong as objective proofs. I am not sure if i got all what you said perfectly. Please try to explain it again.
  12. May 28, 2006 #11
    What you need is a trusty Mechanical Universal Labour Eliminator, or M.U.L.E. robot.

    But anyway - the person who owns the moon will presumably be the person who plants a dirty great defence turret on it. Might makes a right, even if it doesn't make justice.

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    Well he'd have to make sure he could resist coalitions of others. Government trumps piracy, at least in the long run. We've managed to keep Antarctica free of exploitation.
  14. May 28, 2006 #13
    Is there any proof that there's no exploitation going on in Antartica? It is quartered off to accomodate research by several nations but... where are the detailed reports? So far, they've been exploiting the change in climate by reporting a hole in the ozone there (boosting sunscreen sales) and reporting on climate change and the melting glaciers (boosting sales in catylitic converters, hybrids and other "smog" free technology).

    In the very least there is an exploitation of the "un-touched" nature and natural surroundings of Antartica by the researchers and their support contingent.

    In the worst case there is, for all we know (and judging by the character of many people in power) exploratory drilling going on in Antartica and in the light of gold and oil prices... among other coveted resources.

    The moon would be no different. If we could get there commercially, the place and the face of the moon would be drastically changed in the eyes of human generations to follow... provided there are any.
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    For all we know, Antartica is the home of our secret Alien overlords, and they're just trying to make sure their secret is kept a secret! Is there any proof otherwise? :tongue:
  16. May 28, 2006 #15
    Yes. The proof is that the secret alien overlords seem to be occupying Washington DC... for the moment.
  17. Jun 1, 2006 #16
    Didn't America claim the moon the first time they went there?
  18. Jun 1, 2006 #17
    Sorry, I won the moon playing pool a few years ago. Its not yours to sell, unless you come here and beat me at a game of 8 ball.
  19. Jun 1, 2006 #18
    The world hasn't agreed on who owns Antarctica yet, the moon ain't happening any time soon. I'm sure that and least China and the US will claim part if not all of it, but that will amount to little until far into the future. If ever.
  20. Jun 23, 2006 #19
    There's legislation to prevent any contry owning the moon, but not any person. That's why you can buy chunks of it from certain places.
  21. Jun 23, 2006 #20


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    No, Tyris. Those purchases carry no legal weight whatsoever.
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