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I want to study quantum physics

  1. Feb 12, 2012 #1
    hello guys,
    currently i am a pediatrician, i am still 27y old, it has always been my dream to study quantum physics, this branch is not available in egypt
    can anybody give me any tips on where i can study quantum physics ?
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    What kind of physics and math background do you have? This will determine how we steer you--toward descriptive (popular) books or towards physics texts.
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    Calculus and linear algebra are compulsatory prerequisites .
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    Its not a branch of physics, but rather a fundamental knowledge that every physics student must learn. So any university in your country that has a physics department must be offering the course.

    To tackle the subject properly, you need some background in mathematics and some classical mechanics is helpful.
    One of my favorite books on the subject:

    There are also some video lectures by Leonard Susskind (professor of physics at Stanford):

    For any of those to make sense, you need to understand the prerequisites well.
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    i studied AL-Mathematics and AS-Physics ( IGCSE ) at my hight school, that was the year 2002,
    so i am familiar with calclus and mechanics
    which are the colleges that i have a good chance in joining ???
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    Apparently there is at least Kafr el Sheikh University and Benha University that offer a bachelor degree in physics, in your country.
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    Looks like a very painful book to try to tackle alone. That book might be much better if he had other people to bounce ideas with. But I guess if he really wants to learn quantum physics in depth and there is no one else around to help then he has little choice.

    Edit: Hayham, if you can find a university to study physics in then that would be great. I don't really recommend trying to learn QM alone, its not a walk in the park so to speak and it seems you only had a high school degree so you have a long way to go. In the meantime, if you would like you can pick up this book. https://www.amazon.com/University-Physics-Modern-Mastering-11th/dp/080538684X. Chapter 21-31 would be the equivalent of Calculus-Based Physics II course. Start there if you feel really comfortable with the physics and math, otherwise go back to chapter 1 and slowly review over the physics. Even then you still have more courses till you can start picking off some QM.

    Physics is all fun and games when your reading popular-science books, I hope you realize that you have a long and arduous goal in front of you.
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    All universities in Egypt has physics departments . There are more than 28 universities
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    It is not really difficult to study quantum mechanics alone . You can even study quantum mechanics and its consequences in atomic and nuclear physics without taking an introductory physics course . However you must be very good in calculus and linear algebra first . Electrodynamics is important too .study griffith book for electrodynamics first. Everything else can be studied later
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    Yes the basic quantum mechanics chapter in Modern Physics isn't hard but we are talking about someone who just recently graduated from high school. And I'm not sure of the actual course it self but from what people say, it gets pretty complicated. I once thought that I could tackle a quantum mechanics book, not surprisingly, I failed. Everything looked like random gibberish symbols. So you do need a good background and intuition in certain things ; something that is likely to be taken for granted given that you probably weren't in the position to skip the prior classes.
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