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I was just wondering how light comes to be, from light bulbs or flash

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    i was just wondering how light comes to be, from light bulbs or flash lights...
    is it energy transferred through the particles in the air?

    I'm still new to physics and am curous about this :tongue:
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    Re: light?

    An Electric field is applied to the wire and electrons start to flow and they flow through the filament and while these electrons are flowing they have all these collisions inside the material and that produces heat, And the tungsten filament starts to glow red and then eventually glows white hot producing white light. The light is cause by vibrating electrons in the material. And then particles of light called photons are shot off like little bullets from the light bulb. Light is produced from oscillating charged particles. We have to be careful, light is a little more complicated than little bullets tho.
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    Re: light?

    i think i got the concept, thanks cragar :)
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    Re: light?

    Since the OP's question is answered, let me use this thread for a related question.

    Does the electrons deep inside the material contribute to the light emission, or it is only the peripheral atoms? Let me think aloud: an inside electron created a visible light particle, but the material is opaque to light. The surrounding atoms (still deep inside the material) receive the light and converts it into heat energy. The heat energy causes it to emit more light. Such millions of (depending on the number of atoms in the material) heat<>light conversions happen before we see the light outside. Am I correct?
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