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Ideal design of a wheel/rim?

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    Hey guys

    I'm wondering if there is an 'ideal' design for a wheel for a car. I guess things that would be taken in to account would be weight, structural integrity and the designs moment of inertia.

    I would imagine there would be ideal designs that minimized the moment of inertia and thus would be very desirable for motorsport, however you see performance wheels take on all sorts of designs.

    How important is moment of inertia of a wheels design? Is it rather insignificant compared to other factors that contribute to performance?

    I'm under the impression its less important for cars then it is for motorbikes (due to engine pwr/tq characteristics?)

    Like, given a certain material, surely there would be an optimal design that minimized the wheels moment of inertia and offered best possible performance.

    Any insights?
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    You would have to be very specific about the target vehicle to obtain an "ideal" wheel design. The wheel's specifications will rely on myriad variables -- vehicle weight, intended usage (passengers, cargo, racing, etc.), dynamic loading, aerodynamics, choice of materials...
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    Hmm I see. I guess I was asking somewhat of an ill defined question.

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    Greetings to all. If I may make my own query here, since the thread relevance of it, I'd like to redefine David's thread-start post...
    For a case study, say, I list the primary requirements (essentially in order of preference) for the 'ideal' wheel design:
    - low weight
    - cost effective
    - capable of rapid replacement in the event of a puncture or other damage
    - material choices: Al/Mg alloys, composites
    - rapid(or high level ease of) manufacture
    - a production vehicle (consider most common categories: compact/sub-compact/supermini cars)
    - climate conditions: varied from humid to dry, low to high temperature (the optimal range)
    - aerodynamic, (enhancing vehicle mileage)

    Any ideas or comments on any of the listed points are welcome. Thanks in advance.
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    Ranger Mike

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    we beat this one to death..see the following post

    Alloy wheels and fuel economy Apr7-11, 03:29 AM
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    Thanks Ranger Mike for sharing some links in the other thread which turned out to be of immense help. Cheers!
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