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Ideas for wireless go cart

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    I posted this in the other section but didn't seem to get any replies and thought this would be a better forum for this type of question.

    Looking to brainstorm a little. Looking for some EE's or anything related to share thoughts. Trying to come up with some ideas to incorporate into a wireless buggy(go cart). Will have a wireless connection between steering wheel and pedals, front/rear wheels. Will probably install sensors later but that is a future plan. Looking now to do something with communication, bluetooth with laptop or so, and ethernet protocol to eventually set up a phone, destination, etc later on. My question for some guys is what would be some good ideas to possibly incorporate into this thing besides what I mentioned? Any ideas would be welcomed as to what could be implemented on this, can be creative but not to difficult right now.
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    jim hardy

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    you're building a drive-by-wire go-kart?

    keep your life insurance paid.

    I will not get into either a drive-by-wire automobile or an Airbus airliner.
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